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We develop custom solutions for your chemical information processing needs.

We provide extensive custom enhancement and developer support for our products.



We understand that in today's multi-platform environments, there are many obstacles in maintaining uninterrupted data exchange between diverse IT environments. Our extremely portable code base for generic handling of chemistry data objects enables us to provide portable and/or cross-platform solutions to many irritating problems in chemical information data flow. Many typical problems can be solved with our technology while requiring no or few additions to the core toolkit sources. Often, solutions may even be entirely scripted, opening a way for convincingly rapid and cost-effective deployment. Nevertheless, for tighter integration with existing systems we also provide customized link libraries with specific functionalities.

Examples of Successfully Completed Customer Projects:

Development of a custom annotation system for batch structure depiction (Linux)

Development of a MS Excel exporter for chemistry data set tabular data, with embedded structure depictions, (Linux, Solaris and Irix)

Development of an MS Word RTF template expander which inserts structure and reaction data into arbitrarily formatted templates. This data includes hyperlinks and editable OLE objects for the ISIS/Draw and ChemDraw Windows molecule editors (Linux)

Development of an MS Word RTF reader which extracts structure and reaction data from embedded ChemDraw or ISIS/Draw OLE objects, EMF or WMF drawings with embedded ISIS/Draw or ChemDraw data, or performs optical structure recognition on other images using the OSRA program (Linux, Solaris)

Development of a completely browser- and platform-independent Web-based structure sketcher which is server-based and does not rely on any plug-ins, Java or ActiveX components. Statistics support claim of extremely low numbers of support incidents (Server: Linux).

Supported Platforms

In general, we support the following platforms:

MS Windows (32 and 64 bits, Win2000 server and later, including Vista and Win7)

Linux (officially supported distros are SuSE, RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, all both on I386 and x86_64)

MacOSX (I386)

FreeBSD (I386)

Solaris (I386 and Sparc, 32 and 64 bits)



Typical Project Characteristics

Generally, we are interested in problems where we can leverage our technology and code base, and add to it generally useful components and modules in the course of the project. In most cases, we will decline requests to code simple interfaces to third-party applications, or to develop solutions which are not at least potentially cross-platform. If necessary, we will perform reverse engineering of encodings and communication pathways to open up data exchange paths not envisioned by developers of original applications.



Update of general scripting language documentation.

Release of academic 3.440 versions of the Cactvs toolkit


Free Academic and Evaluation Downloads of the Cactvs Scripting Toolkit

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