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Below are some slides from recent talks and presentations.

  1. CIC Meeting 2009:

    A poster panel describing a study on the state of algorithmic robustness and consistency in chemoinformatics software. PDF.

  2. CIC Meeting 2009:

    A general overview about some core competencies of Xemistry. Flash slideshow.

  3. ACS Fall Meeting 2009:

    Advanced Chemical Scripting with the Cactvs Toolkit. Available as PowerPoint pptx file (use the hand-out view - there are extensive annotations) and as Flash slideshow.

  4. Material on the PubChem virtual file interface from the 2007 conference circuit:

    A PDF poster panel, a PowerPoint presentation, and the same presentation as Flash slideshow.

Please do not hesitate to ask for clarifications regarding the contents of this material.


Update of general scripting language documentation.

Release of academic 3.440 versions of the Cactvs toolkit


Free Academic and Evaluation Downloads of the Cactvs Scripting Toolkit

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