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Career Opportunities:

At this time, we do not have any unfilled permanent positions. From time to time, there may be opportunities for contract work, and you are welcome to inquire about these.

Since we have recently received many unsolicitated résumés from people in the Frankfurt area, we ask you to please judge your capabilities and experience critically before you consider to apply:

  • Our business is extremely specialized. We only employ people with experience and education relevant to our business. We require at minimum a masters degree or equivalent in chemistry plus experience in software development and chemical informatics, modelling or computational chemistry.
  • We are an extremely internationally oriented company, with more than 90% of our customers residing outside of Germany. Every document and code comment is written in English. We require proficiency in professional English, including the capability to write business proposals and technical documentation or to talk to customers, from every employee.
  • There are no opportunies for generic server or database administrators, sales or help desk people, VB programmers, Web designers or SAP integrators in our company in the foreseeable future.

We expect people writing us to have a general idea about what Xemistry does - having read the Web site and having done general research about our products is part of the picture!




Update of general scripting language documentation.

Release of academic 3.440 versions of the Cactvs toolkit


Free Academic and Evaluation Downloads of the Cactvs Scripting Toolkit

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